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Most Beautiful Girl

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Kiefer stops by Beats 1 studios in Los Angeles to perform a live set. Here is his song "Most Beautiful Girl" // Filmed by Soulection TV Dom Stills


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Rammy Narula is a Bangkok-based photographer with a deep passion for traveling and exploring the streets with his camera. His most recent work, Platform 10, a personal project shot on a single platform at Bangkok Central Train Station, has been published as a photo book by Peanut Press, New York. (...)

This is My Scary Robot Voice

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Argus Quartet performs “This is My Scary Robot Voice” (Kerrith Livengood)   About Kerrith Livingston I compose chamber music, vocal music, orchestral works, and electroacoustic music. I am also a flutist, drummer, vocalist and improviser, performing with many different new music and experimental music groups, such as Alia Musica Pittsburgh and with members of eighth blackbird at the Music09 and Music11 Festivals. (...)

An Isle Full Of Noises

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An Isle Full Of Noises is a modern reimagining of Caliban's "Be not afeard" speech from The Tempest, shot with a hand-built drone lighting system designed to paint the nighttime landscape with light. David Oyelowo (Selma, A United Kingdom) is an award-winning stage and screen actor and narrates Caliban’s speech for the film. (...)

The Gate

 luís soaresSegunda feira
For the first release from her forthcoming new album, co-produced by Arca, Björk has teamed up with a super-troupe of contributors to create a hallucinogenic new video. Artist Andrew Thomas Huang lends his tech-savvy hand to envision a kaleidoscopic world inhabited by the singer-songwriter, who is clad in an iridescent otherworldly garment designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. (...)

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

 luís soaresSegunda feira
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2012) // Director: Sophie Huber

Mark Strand - Coming To This

 luís soaresSegunda feira
We have done what we wanted.We have discarded dreams, preferring the heavy industry of each other, and we have welcomed griefand called ruin the impossible habit to break.   And now we are here.The dinner is ready and we cannot eat. The meat sits in the white lake of its dish. (...)

2048: Nowhere To Run :1965

 luís soares2017-09-15
Blade Runner 2049 short prequel, directed by Luke Scott, starring Dave Bautista.   Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Nowhere To Run.

Indulge Me | A Take Away Show

 luís soares2017-09-15
La Blogothèque presents Moses Sumney - Indulge Me | A Take Away Show // Images and sound by Colin Solal Cardo. // Shot in Paris in March 2017.

Tinseltown Swimming in Blood

 luís soares2017-09-14
Destroyer - Tinseltown Swimming in Blood From the album ken, out October 20, 2017 on Merge Records / Dead Oceans Records.   Dir: Karen ZoloStarring: Dan Bejar, Anisa Tepjar, Robert Dayton, Scott Miller Berry, Sara Balantine, Eric Johnson, Louis Short, Alize Zorluntuna, Patrick Flegel, Zoe Lepiano, Henry Swan Production Assistant: Simon M. (...)

Frank Bidart - Poem Ending with a Sentence by Heath Ledger

 luís soares2017-09-14
Each grinding flattened American vowel smashed to centerlessness, his glee that whatever long ago mutilated his   mouth, he has mastered to mutilate   you: the Joker's voice, so unlike the bruised, withheld, wounded voice of Ennis Del Mar.   Once I have the voice   that's the line   and at   the end  of the line   is a hook   and attached to that   is the soul. (...)

Hot Dog

 luís soares2017-09-13
Roy Lichtenstein: Hot Dog (1963)

La Leyenda Del Tempo

 luís soares2017-09-13
Acústico de CHIP WICKHAM en Esmuva (Escuela de Música de Vallecas) con el tema "La Leyenda del Tiempo" de su disco "La Sombra".


 luís soares2017-09-12
Directed by Oscar Hudson // Taken from OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 -

Lawrence Joseph - So Where Are We?

 luís soares2017-09-12
So where were we? The fieryavalanche headed right at us—falling,   flailing bodies in midair—the neighborhood under thick gray powder—   on every screen. I don’t knowwhere you are, I don’t know what   I’m going to do, I heard a man say;the man who had spoken was myself. (...)

La Sombra

 luís soares2017-09-12
Acústico de CHIP WICKHAM enEsmuva (Escuela de Música de Vallecas) con el tema "La Sombra" de su disco con mismo nombre.

Inflammatory Essays

 luís soares2017-09-11
  Written in between 1979 and 1982 and printed in 2010, Jenny Holzer’s “Inflammatory Essays” employ her so-called “truisms," gleaned from popular ideas and ideologies. Rather than being projected in public spaces or casting them aglow in LED, here sentences form individual “essays. (...)

Hey ho. Let's Go.

 luís soares2017-09-11
The Addams Family dancing Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones from Gabriel Magallon on Vimeo.

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